Danielle (kibonotsubasa) wrote in taylor_tucky,

Just a request from a fellow resident......

Lovely weather isn't it? Our riding your bikes, skateboarding, playing basketball, or other various sports I'm sure. That's great. I'm all for being out in the air, exercising, enjoying the sun and all that good stuff.

But could you PLEASE do me everyone who owns a car one tinny little favor? If you insist in playing basketball, skateboarding, rinding your bike, or whatever, in the street, for the love of God move out of the way when a car is coming. I know I speak for many people when I say that, I really don't want to run you over. And jumping in front of a car just as it's about to pass, IS A REALLY BAD IDEA! I'm sure you think it's funny, and you probably get some sort of a rush from watching people like me suddenly jerk to a stop as we try not to hit you. But you know theres someone out there who isn't gonna stop. Who isn't gonna see you. Or just simply won't care. And will run your ass over. Possibly killing you if they hit you just right or are going fast enough. And if they don't kill you, you're damn lucky... but lets not test that, okay? No one wants to read about you in the Sunday paper Police blotter, or God forbid the obituaries. So just move out of the way, we'll drive by, and all ends well, okay? Thank you.
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